Why Mucosat?

Why Mucosat®?

  1. Mucosat® has the ability to slow Osteoarthritis development, and unlike NSAIDs, Mucosat® does not cause gastrointestinal tract and kidney damage in elderly patients.
  2. Mucosat® has anti-inflammatory effects; by stimulating the synthesis of proteoglycans and hyaluronic acid, decreasing catabolic activity of chondrocytes, and inhibiting synthesis of substances that cause damage to the cartilage matrix.
  3. In most cases, Mucosat® has a residual effect that persists for several months after the course of treatment in terms of reducing pain and joint stiffness, which is never the case with analgesics that require permanent use.
  4. Mucosat® plays role in new bones formation, cartilage and tendons, supports the structural integrity of tissues, and heals damages well.

Why Mucosat® is not like any other forms of Chondroitine sulphate?

  • Mucosat® injectable form is highly effective form of Chondroitine sulphate administration.
  • With intramuscular injection form, Mucosat® can reach all joints in the same time including even the spine joints.
  • The advantage of Mucosat® intramuscular administration, is the rapid reach of Chondroitine sulphate to the blood stream with rapid reach and accumulation in all body joints, in synovial fluid after 15 minutes, and in cartilage tissues after 30 minutes.
  • Injectable form increases the bioavailability of Mucosat® Chondroitine sulphate; which leads to a faster and more effective result.

What are the beneficial effects of using Mucosat®?

• Mucosat® stimulates the regeneration of cartilage, and inhibits the enzymes that disrupt its’ structure and function.

• Mucosat® stimulates the synthesis of proteoglycans, normalizes the metabolism of hyaline cartilage, and promotes the regeneration of cartilage surface.

• Mucosat® has anti-inflammatory effect, and reduces concomitant inflammation.

• Mucosat® relieves pain, helps reducing the need of NSAIDs usage, and subsequently protects the patients from its side effects.

• Mucosat® improves phosphorus-calcium metabolism in cartilages.

• Mucosat® prevents compression of connective tissues, increases the production of synovial fluid, and improves mobility of the affected joints.