Nikolay, 44 years old

The back hurt more than six months. Pain in the spine in the lower back almost every day. I used to be sick too, but in short episodes, I thought that I had osteochondrosis and did not pay attention to it. I spend almost half a day in the car, I also sit the rest of the time, but in the office. When I sit for a long time, it is painful and difficult to get up, even pain after the load, when I carry ordinary bags from the store home, stiffness in the morning. I went to the doctor, then did an MRI of the spine. It turned out that I have some kind of pathology of the facet joints of the spine. It is the same as regular arthrosis, only pain in the back. The main treatment for the spineI have painkillers and chondroitin injections (they pierced the course of mucosate). I’m undergoing treatment for the second month, it’s become much better, I don’t drink painkillers anymore. The orthopedist recommended a special corset for the lower back with stiffeners, I sit behind the wheel in it, a good thing, unloads the back. When acute pain subsided, massage and therapeutic exercises were prescribed, they said that it was necessary to strengthen the muscle corset around the spine. Especially for the treatment I took a vacation, I will go to physiotherapy and massage. I hope to return a healthy spine, or at least not start the disease even worse. Advice to everyone – do not delay the treatment, as I did for many years.