From the participation of MAM International in the annual scientific conference of the Syrian Orthopedic Association

Under the auspices of the Syrian Doctors Syndicate, the Syrian Orthopedic Association opened the annual scientific conference in the capital, Damascus, at the Sheraton Hotel, which included a number of axes to discuss the latest findings of orthopedic surgery in Syria. The conference brought together a large segment of Syrian doctors from all governorates in addition to doctors residing in hospitals.

From this context, MAM International sought within this conference to present the latest and best scientific findings of drug treatments in this field, and we are pleased to be the first and only pharmaceutical company to provide a combination of chondroitin sulfate in the form of intramuscular injection, as the participation of MAM International in the conference was through MUCOSAT® is an effective and revolutionary treatment for degenerative diseases (osteoarthritis) of the joints and spine, patented in a pharmaceutical form.

MOCOSAT®, regarding to its chondroprotective, anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, can relieve joint pain, improve joint mobility and delay the progression of osteoarthritis.

Discussions were held with doctors about the medicine, its indications, its mechanism of effect, and its features about the various medicines on the Syrian pharmaceutical market, the high level of safety that the medicine possesses and the patent obtained in its pharmaceutical form, and a typical questionnaire was presented that collected doctor’s opinions about Mucosat® through several questions related to the medicine, Through it, the doctor’s positive opinions and the good impression that the medicine left them during the past several months were observed, as the medicine had been available in Syrian pharmacies since the ninth month of 2020.
In addition, the conference was covered by several media outlets, including Al-Alam TV, Syria, where a televised interview was held in which we talked about the advantages and benefits of the drug, the pharmaceutical market need for this type of medicine, the positive feedbacks and the good impression on both doctors and patients, and the extent of doctor’s interest in the latest. The knowledge of drugs and devices that serve this field.

To watch the TV meet:

From our participation in the conference:

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