What are the cases in which we can use Mucosat®?
Mucosat® is used to treat Osteoarthritis of the peripheral joints and spine.
When is Mucosat® the best option?
Mucosat® regenerates and restores the articular cartilages, thus relieving pain and protecting the joints, so the best time to use Mucosat® is in the early stages of Osteoarthritis, when the cartilage tissue in the peripheral joints and between the vertebrae are still sufficient.
Does Mucosat® relieve back pain?
As a result of the fact that Mucosat® is given by intramuscular injection, it’s absorbed directly into the blood stream in high levels, then it reaches all joints of the body, including the joints of the spine, and it supports and regenerates its cartilages and reduces inflammation, which leads to pain relief, as a result Mucosat® relieves back pain
When does Mucosat® analgesic effect begin after starting the treatment course?
The analgesic effects of Mucosat® begins to appear after the seventh injection, which is about two weeks after the beginning of treatment
Can the pain-relieving effects of Mucosat® start before the seventh injection?
Yes, the pain may begin to decrease before the seventh injection of Mucosat®, depending on the basic condition of the joint and cartilage, the severity of pain before starting the treatment course, and patient’s response.
What cautions should be taken when using other medicine with Mucosat®?
Caution should be taken when combining Mucosat® with direct anticoagulants because it increases bleeding tendency.
Is using Mucosat® safe during pregnancy and breastfeeding?
Currently there are no adequate studies confirming the safety of Mucosat® during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Mucosat®
should not be used during pregnancy.
If Mucosat® should be used when breastfeeding, the breastfeeding should be stopped.
Are there any risks when using Mucosat® for patients who have other diseases associated with Osteoarthritis, such as Diabetes, Hypertension, and Kidney failure?
Mucosat® can be used safely in patients with Diabetes, Hypertension and Renal failure, with attention to patients who are using anticoagulant medication.
Can Mucosat® treatment course be repeated
Mucosat® treatment course can be repeated every few months.
Is it useful to use Mucosat® for a cartilage in the late stages of Osteoarthritis?
Osteoarthritis is a systemic disease, that affects more than one joint together, and it is not necessary that all of the effected joints are in the same stage of the disease.
Therefore, it is always useful to use Mucosat® in patients with Osteoarthritis; because it plays a therapeutic and preventive role for all joints, as Mucosat® regenerates and supports all joints cartilage in the body, and protects them from further damage.